Ladies and Gentlemen

Please let us introduce ourselves.

We are Erin and Taylor, two letterpress printers born and raised in Nevada (Battle Born, if you will) now living in the great state of California.

Taylor’s printing roots go back to her grandfather. Although he owned a mill working business, he had a printing press in his garage (conveniently located next to the wine press).  Though she wishes for his press, it resides with the Carmelite nuns who he donated his press to and trained. Both Erin and Taylor learned how to print at the Black Rock Press at the University of Nevada, Reno. Though not knowing each other at the time, both fortuitously landed in San Francisco the same summer.  Through our own endeavors of letterpress and bookbinding studios, internships, and volunteering at non-profits, we have FINALLY teamed up!

We are interested in printing specialty invitations and social stationery, as well as printing and binding artist edition books.


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