Calling Cards for The Style Safari

Meet Stefanie.

Stefanie is a style blogger. She posts on her blog, The Style Safari, every. single. day. I’m so impressed. It’s cohesive, the photos are well done and she certainly owns her style! She makes stuff too, DIY projects every week. When Stefanie and I use to work together she asked me if I would design some calling cards for her. She would be moving to New York soon and wanted something classy to hand out to all her new contacts. We went back and forth a bit giving each other ideas for the design, something my style but more importantly, reflective of her style. We would shop on our lunch break and hold up items brainstorming ink colors and say, “maybe this color of green?” It was a minty seafoam green colored bracelet she found that stuck in my mind. I love color matching from memory.

Her cards turned out great and I was so happy to work with her. Since I pretty much wear the same thing every day (though sometimes the color of my v-neck t shirt varies) designing a calling card for a style blogger was a welcomed challenge for me.

You can see the finished cards here and I hope you enjoy her lovely blog!!  xo, taylor


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