It’s time we introduced to you…

Though it may seem like we are up to a whole lot of nothing over here at the Western Editions Home Front (I even came up with that name for when I’m creating in the home studio. How’s that for productivity!) we in fact have been printing various jobs here and there. I thought it would be nice to share  a little somethin’ somethin’ about the people we have been working with and feel inspired by their creations and passions alike.

Exhibit A:

Meet Julia Lemke. Julia is currently studying graphic design, though dabbles in a little bit of everything from jewelry making and  handbound journals to wire birdhouses and steel planters all under the guise of Auger + Ore. Nature plays a strong role in her simple aesthetics as “A lot of the objects are made from salvaged material, contrasting texture, weight, and color. It represents the lifestyle that I strive for: an appreciation of simple pleasures,” she states. I had the pleasure of printing labels for her hand-harvested Manzanita and Wildflower honey straight outta the Santa Cruz Mountain. It was a great partnering as we both appreciate creative-minded individuals, collaborations and of course, hand craftsmanship! Check out her website and store and be prepared to pack your bags to move to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Thanks for sharing Julia!




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