A New Year, A New Table

We had set out in the bright January (or shall we say, June-uary) morning with the plan to build a new dining table. The old one was cute and all, but a new table would be a great motivator to host more dinner parties (and we all know those lead to random dance parties) and general merriment. It began as simply wanting a project and creating a tangible object by the end of the day, though the process proved to be much more than that; a sense of community arose.

We had randomly stumbled upon Building Resources a while ago when poking around in Dog Patch for yep, you guessed it, old scrap pieces of wood, and revisited it with a purpose or at least a very rough outline. (That is the sketch of our kitchen…That rectangle is said table.)

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 We roamed around Building Resources looking for the frame of the table. Finding the old planks of “cute” wood was the easy part. After a few rounds, the only suitable frame we found was an adorable old yellow push cart, not for sale. Talking with the friendly dudes there and explaining our hopes and dreams of a table, they very graciously offered to sell us the cart, and not just that, but even saw those pesky wheels off the bottom for us! The first act of generosity in our table endeavor and much to our excitement! Thanks Sergio and Sam! Next, our friend Nick stepped in with his big ol’ pick-up truck to cart our cart home. Did we mention that we don’t actually have the proper tools? No saw. No drill.

Thinking we could borrow a saw from our friend/neighbor, Zarin, he instead upped the ante by offering to give us a hand at his beautiful wood shop. Again, we were elated! With a few handy clamps, proper tools and a woodworking genius, our table was assembled in record timing. (And honestly, looked better than we could have possibly imagined and our imagination runs wild!)

At the end of the day, not only did we have a beautiful new/old table and some saw dust in our lungs, but we had so much fun working with the many different people who lent a hand to help make it happen. We feel fortunate to live in a city with so many talented, ingenious, giving, inspiring, creative,  and rad people.


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